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Just what is the Hydrafacial? In order to do a Hydrafacial, the estheticians doing them make use of a proprietary machine to go through a quartet of unique procedures that collectively rejuvenate a person’s face in a single treatment. The Hydrafacial Houston treatment is an exciting new breakthrough in the world of aesthetic technology. The root word behind the name is ‘hydrate’ which means to trigger the taking up of moisture. The power to moisturize a person’s skin is what makes the Hydrafacial treatment unique compared to most other procedures that resurface the skin. The Hydrafacial treatment is one that can remove dead skin cells while extracting impurities. At the same time, it can bathe the fresher skin with serums that cleanse, hydrate, and moisturize. This treatment proves soothing, non-irritating, and refreshing. Also, its effects are felt immediately. You Glo Medspa is the leading hydra facial treatment company in Houston. The many steps of this treatment cleanse, exfoliate, and extract the dead cells before rejuvenating the remaining skin through the application of a serum that is full of hyaluronic acid, peptides, and antioxidants. It sees frequent use in dealing with concerns such as the following:

  1. Wrinkles and fine lines
  2. Dark Spots
  3. Hyperpigmentation
  4. Pores that are enlarged, clogged, or both
  5. Mild cases of acne
  6. Skin that is oily

How Does Hydrafacial Work?

So, how does a Hydrafacial Houston treatment work anyway? The many steps of this treatment provide cleansing and even exfoliation that extract impurities, as well as dead skin cells. Simultaneously, it replenishes crucial nutrients into the skin, such as hyaluronic acid, peptides, and antioxidants. The device has an exemplary system of delivery, so the active ingredients are able to be more effective in the mitigation of environmental damage. That helps them reduce wrinkles and fine lines, plumping and firming the skin for longer-term results you’re able to see and then feel right away. The Hydrafacial treatment makes use of a distinct spiral suction tip which is able to first dislodge impurities before delivering the serum deeply into pores which are opened in the course of the treatment. This procedure happens in office and is painless, bring instant and long-lasting results for folks of any kind of skin, with zero downtime. Some individuals do experience slight cases of redness or tightness for an hour so after the treatment, but in large part, the risks and side effects surrounding Hydrafacial prove largely minimal. It’s great for all kinds of skin, so the Hydrafacial option isn’t just great for enhancing the overall health of skin, but also great in specifically remedying:

  • Wrinkles and fine line
  • Firmness and elasticity
  • Vibrancy and evenness of skin tone
  • The texture of skin
  • Photodamage and hyperpigmentation
  • Congested or oily skin
  • Pores that are enlarged
  • More advanced signs of aging

Why would Hydrafacial be a good choice for your skin? The exfoliation of your dead skin cells, in conjunction with the extraction of impurities, can restore skin hydration. This all adds up to better overall skin health, so your skin feels smooth and clean after a treatment, meaning it’s more vibrant and supple. Wondering if you’re a candidate for this particular treatment? Hydrafacial treatments work for all kinds of skin. Even skin that is very sensitive can put up with it. We’ll use specifically chosen serums and customize your treatment to match your own distinct needs and skin conditions. Other questions you might have include what results you can expect, how many treatments it takes to see results, and how long do any results last. It varies, but most users notice results after just a single treatment, and the hydration and smooth results might last a week or more. Initially, four, five, or six treatments might be needed weekly or biweekly in order to deal with things like oily skin, acne, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, and fine lines. After that, it still makes a wonderful monthly maintenance treatment. Another treatment offered by You Glo Medspa is Botox, this is a very popular procedure as well.

Who Can Get Hydrafacial Treatments?

It’s great for nearly any age, concern, or complexion, including teenage acne, adult pimples, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, elderly sun damage, and sometimes flaky spots that are precancerous. It is popular for its inclusivity, but some individuals need to refrain from using it, including pregnant women, and those with rosacea, sunburns, or active rashes. Salicylic acid and other active ingredients aren’t yet known to be safe or otherwise in pregnancy. Hydrafacial hits a great sweet spot, as you get more than your basic spa facial, but not as much as laser treatment, all with fast results in less than an hour and no downtime involved. Since it’s a rarity to have something with no downtime, the results are apparent quickly. Your skin tone and texture can be improved quickly, helping out situations like acne without peeling or irritation.

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