Houston Medical Tattooing Procedures

There are certain events that may occur that causes a permanent change in one’s appearance. This can be caused by a medical condition or a traumatic accident. When this occurs, the person may want to improve or alter their appearance. Medical tattooing is an advanced technique much like cosmetic tattooing. This procedure can help to change or restore a person’s appearance. Medical tattooing is considered a branch of the plastic reconstructive industry. You Glo Med Spa professionals are here to guide you through the process and bring you to a state of pure happiness. Medical tattooing is well received and is considered a sector of the medical aesthetics field. Medical tattooing can be used to correct the following medical conditions:

  • Cleft lip – Medical tattooing can help to improve lip symmetry.
  • Areola – Medical tattooing can help to restore the areola
  • Hair loss – Medical tattooing can help to restore eyebrows or simulate scalp hair in patients suffering from alopecia.
  • Scar tissue and burns – Medical tattooing can help to diminish the appearance of burns, scars and other skin traumas.
  • Vitiligo – Medical tattooing can help restore color. This is typically used in small areas such as the lips.

Medical Tattooing Treatments In Houston

Treatments are done using a computerized cosmetic device. This device allows the medical practitioner to customize the programming settings. These settings are used to determine needle configurations and adjust the frequency and the speed of the needle. This is essential when tattooing different structures due to the tolerance levels of the individual. All pigments that are used in medical tattooing are permanent and are manufactured using extremely rigorous guidelines to ensure the highest industry standards and quality. The process uses hygienic medical technology to ensure a safer environment for performing the medical tattooing. This cost-effective approach adds color to the skin to help improve the appearance of the skin. A permanent medical cosmetic artist is specially trained in the field of paramedical permanent cosmetics. This training should be done by a reputable company to ensure the cosmetic artist follows the industry standards as set forth by the medical community.

Physical Improvements With Medical Tattoos

Medical tattooing can improve the symmetry and appearance of the lips, which helps to improve the patient’s self-assurance. One of the most challenging, yet rewarding treatments is medical tattooing for a cleft lip. This is a nonsurgical option that can help trauma patients and post-surgery patients feel like themselves again. Plastic surgeons, oncologists, dermatologies, ophthalmologists and cosmetic surgeons have endorsed the use of Micropigmentationon cleft patients for years. Leading cosmetic and medical professionals in Houston are using medical tattooing to help patients recover from their injuries and operations using paramedical procedures like medical tattooing.

Medical Tattoo Procedures

Medical tattooing procedures can help camouflage medical conditions and traumatic events. This cosmetic procedure can be used to hide scars and burns in burn victims, breast cancer survivors and those born with a cleft lip. Medical tattooing is often the best choice for:

  • Chemotherapy patients (before and after treatment)
  • Camouflaging post-op surgical scars
  • Restore areola and nipple following breast cancer surgery
  • Restoring skin color and pigment in vitiligo patients
  • Create the look of brow hair on patients suffering from a thyroid condition
  • Help to restore the look of hair due to illness or age (alopecia)
  • Correct hair pulling disorders like Trichotillomania
  • Women who suffer from skin sensitivities, contact lens sensitivities or cosmetic allergies
  • Improve motor skills in those people suffering from a motor impairment due to arthritis, stroke, multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s disease

Breast cancer survivors can improve their self-respect, self-worth, and self-esteem through the use of medical tattooing. This permanent cosmetic procedure pigments the skin and uses medical tattoos to cover up scarring. Medical tattooing helps give breast cancer survivors a renewed sense of self-confidence. Medical tattooing can use a technique called feathering to give the appearance of hair. This single hair technique is often used on pre and post-chemotherapy patients. Those who have had breast reconstruction surgery may benefit from nipple and areola complex repigmentation. This creates a 3D effect that gives the illusion of a protrusion. To speak with a professional medical specialist at You Glo Med Spa, call us today.

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